Prashamana Pain Speciality Clinic. It is pain management centre where you find world’s best quality Ayurveda treatment and solution of your pain.

PPSC provides pure natural Ayurveda treatment. It is free from any side-effect. We treat the root cause of pain and provide long term pain relief. PPSC offers treatment plan according to disease and constitution of the person.

No. It is absolutely wrong. PPSC provides improved Ayurveda treatment for quick relief. Perfect history, confirm diagnosis and choice of treatment give fast result from pain.

Pain can be due to multiple reasons. Can be traumatic, degenerative, neurogenic or psycological etc.

Pain is mainly Vata origin. When Vata Dosha combines with other Dosha, It shows different pattern of pain.

It is our mission. We are here for that. It can be possible by prescribed medicine, diet and lifestyle changes. It depends on severity of the disease.

Yes, About 90% cases don’t need surgery. With Our treatment you can make your life better and pain free without surgery.

Treatment varies as per cause. We provide improved Panchkarma Treatment which is best suitable for you.

Doctor will decide after taking proper history and examination.

It is one of the Panchkarma treatments which are best for Vata disorders. Medicated decoction or oil is inserted via Rubber catheter into Anus. No side effects at all. It gives so many other advantages includes life longetivity. It arrests degeneration process of the joint.

Agnikarma is a fast acting therapy which provides pain relief within seconds . Heat is produced by Various ‘Shalaka’ as per need at pain site. No Side-effect.

It is Bloodletting therapy which removes congestion, improves blood circulation and pain decreases. No side effect.

No, all patients don’t need Panchkarma therapy. It will be decided by doctor. Panchkarma cures disease from the root so it can’t develop again. It is the best treatment for pain.

Depend upon severity and duration of the disease. If you don’t follow the diet plan or other advice given by doctor, there is a chance of recurrence.

Depend upon treatment and severity of disease.

Not needed. You can do your daily routine work during treatment.

Depend upon treatment Course and type of therapy.