Also called osteonecrosis. It occurs when blood supply to Bone interrupted due to any reason. Bone needs continuous blood supply for being healthy. A less blood supply results in death of Bone tissue. AVN most commonly affects Femur head, but also can affect knee, shoulder or ankle.

Causes (Most common):

  1. Fracture or dislocation of Femur
  2. Long term Cortico-steroid use
  3. Excessive alcohol use
  4. Autoimmune disease


  1. Mostly patient complains pain at groin region can be mild to severe in nature as per severity of the disease.
  2. Pain increased while walking and relieved by rest.


  1. X-ray
  2. MRI for confirm diagnosis

Ayurveda Approach for AVN:

      In AVN, We believe it is Strotorodh type Strotodushti means there is some kind of obstruction in the channel. So Blood can’t reach there in sufficient quantity. It can be considered “vankshanagata Vata” as per Ayurveda.

Ayurveda treatment for AVN:

  1. Treatment for ‘Strotorodha’(Obstruction):
  2. Treatment should be done to remove the obstruction and open the channels, so blood can reach there.

  3. Basti:
  4. It is the best treatment for Necrosed Bone. Basti made with medicated milk and Ghee provides direct nutrition to the necrosed bone.

  5. Asthivardhaka Rasayana:
  6. We have made special Ayurveda formulations which improve bone density very fast. It is useful in Osteoporosis also.