Obesity and Osteoarthritis is tricky combination to manage, it requires careful study of the case and provide right combination of life style changes and medicines for osteoarthritis, Please consult Prashamana Pain Clinic for more information or treatment for your obesity and osteoarthritis

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Now it is proved that obesity is main causative factor of Osteoarthritis at early age. Generally people after 50 or 60 years develop osteoarthritic changes, but Now-a-days people around 40’s come to our OPD with the complain of knee pain with also having X-ray osteoarthritic changes.

In Ayurveda perspectives, Sthaulya (Obesity) is potent reason for developing osteoarthritis at early age. In obesity due to ‘Meda dhatvagnimandhya’ meda dhatu goes increasing abnormally. So later dhatus like Asthi, Majja and Shukra can’t make in sufficient quality. Thus gradually their ‘kshaya’ (decreased in quantity) occurs. Asthi kshaya results in osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. In obese people, Knee replacement surgery is not much useful. There are more chances to fail the knee replacement.

If patient having both obesity and osteoarthritis, Ayurveda line of treatment is completely different. Treatment is tricky in these types of cases. If we give Medicine for Osteoarthritis, It may increase obesity and If we give Medicine for Obesity, It may increase osteoarthritis. Treatment should be given which control both obesity and O.A.

We are highly specialized in these types of cases. We provide the treatment and lifestyle changes which reduces the weight and help in Osteoarthritis also.

Obesity, Osteoarthritis & Ayurveda