Prevention is always better than cure. Ayurveda has 2 aims: Keep one’s health intact who is already healthy and cure diseases, Here are few points that will help you prevent your disease become more sever. You can any time contact us for consultation.

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  1. Get up early in the morning
    • Ayurveda strongly recommends waking up early in the morning. It keeps you fit and active.
    • Waking up early gives you more time to think about your body. You will get more time for exercise and massage.
    • You know the old saying “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. It’s true. If your knee joint will be healthy, you will not kneel down and can make more money till the end of life!
  2. Exercise
    • Exercise doesn’t always mean gym workout. It includes Yoga, Asana, Pranayam, Walking etc. also.
    • Different muscle stretching exercises should be added in your routine exercise schedule. It will help you in subsiding morning stiffness.
    • Acharya  Charaka has given very detailed description about importance of Vyayama (Exercise). Exercise keeps muscle and bone strong. It keeps body lite, resistance to discomfort and improves appetite.
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    • Exercise saves us from extra fat deposition on belly and hip. It results in less load on knee joint.
    • Ayurveda also gives limit to which exercise should be done. When there are perspiration, increased respiration, lightness of the body and palpitation occurs, Exercise must be stopped. (Ch.Su. 7/34) It should not be excessive than limit otherwise it may harm you.
Prevention of Osteoarthritis
  1. Massage & Steam
    • ‘Vayu’ is responsible for Ageing Process and degenerative changes in the body. To slow down the degenerative changes, we must win over Vayu. Vayu is situated at tactile sensory organ and this sensory organ is lodged in the skin. So regular full body massaging (Especially at joints) with medicated oil keeps Vayu away.
    • Acharya Charaka has stated in his book ‘Charaka Samhita’ (Written about 5000 years ago) that when we can bend dry stick of wood by Snehana (massage-Oleation) and Swedana (steam), then what to say about human body (Definitely we can bend). So here we want to explain that by oil massage (or/& internal use) and steam, we can give stability, strength and movability to the joints.
  2. Sunlight
    • Sit in morning sunlight for 15-20 minutes. It gives you Vit. D which makes bone strong.
    • Sunlight helps in curing many ‘Vayu’ disorders.
  3. Hot water Bath
    • It controls Vayu and keeps it stable.
    • It improves blood circulation in the body.
    • It relieves Joint pain and myalgia quickly.
    • It reduces stress and makes you relax, calm and confident.
  4. Diet
    • Diet is the most important factor for causing Osteoarthritis at early age.
    • Start daily consumption of cow milk, Cow ghee, Amala fruit (Indian gooseberry ), honey, Sesame (Tila) oil etc. It will help to delay degeneration of joint. Cow ghee and Sesame oil is not contraindicated in any disease according to Ayurveda.
    • Use warm water to drink in all season except in summer.
    • Avoid spicy food, fast food, cold drinks etc.
    • Eat according to your stomach Appetite, not for tongue taste. Take food ½ or ¾ of your stomach capacity.
  5. Avoid Day Sleep
    • It causes obstruction in the channels of the body and may interfere the nutrition to the bone and joint.
    • Day sleep is the big causative factor of Obesity which puts more load on joint.
    • Day sleep makes joints stiff and worsens the swelling.
    • In old age and in summer, you can enjoy day sleep.
  6. Avoid late night sleeping
    • It increases ‘Vayu’ which creates dryness and therefore degeneration in joints.
  7. Always keep care of your joints
    • Don't misuse your joints. Both excessive and reduced use of your joints is bad for you. Move at least for 30 minutes daily.
    • If you have severe osteoarthritic changes, never try exercise without taking advice from physician.
    • Don’t bear the natural urges of Urine and Stool as it increase the ‘Vayu’ in your body which causes degeneration.
    • Weight is the main causative factor for your joint degeneration. So, keep your weight maintained.
    • When you want to lose weight, don’t go for excessive fasting. It can cause dryness in your body and increase degeneration process. So, always select your diet under qualified Ayurveda Physician.
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