There could be many reasons for your Ankle pain, but mainly it occurs due to below given reasons.

Differential Diagnosis of Ankle pain

  1. Trauma :
    1. Ankle Sprain
    2. Fracture
    3. Achilles Tendonitis
  2. Arthritis:
    1. O.A.
    2. Rheumatoid arthritis
    3. Gout
    4. Calcaneus spur

Ankle Sprain:

              Sometimes you kept your leg on irregular surface while walking and you hurt at your ankle which results in ankle pain. Though ankle sprains are common, they are not always minor injury. Some people with repeated or severe sprains can develop long-term joint pain and weakness. Treating a sprained ankle can help prevent ongoing ankle problems and future knee pain.

Diagnosis can be made from symptoms and history of trauma. Sometimes X-ray may be needed to rule out fracture.

Ayurveda approach of Ankle sprain:

    Same condition is mentioned in Ayurveda ( Sushrut Samhita ) called “Vatakantaka”.


Ayurveda Treatment for Ankle Sprain (Vatakantaka):

  1. Rest is must
  2. Vatashamaka drugs
  3. Abhyanga and Swedana
  4. Agnikarma and Rakta-Mokshana for quick pain relief