Our Doctor (Dr. Tushar Trivedi) has completed his post-graduation in Panchkarma. He has done deep research in this Basti treatment and got success. He is specialized in different types of Basti treatment.

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We have discussed about ‘Basti’ treatment in Osteoarthritis - Ayurveda treatment portion. There are many types of Basti mentioned in our Old Ayurveda Classics. In Osteoarthritis, after assessing Patient and Disease, specific type of Basti is selected. Basti treatment is part of the Panchkarma treatment.

Basti Treatment vs Knee Replacement for Osteoarthritis

No. Knee Replacement Surgery ‘Basti’ Treatment (Ayurveda) provided at our Clinic (PPSC)
1 Invasive Non-invasive
2 Success Rate is low Success Rate is high
3 Complications, such as – Blood clots, infection, Swelling, Recurrent pain, becomes loose etc. No Complications or side effects
4 In Obese people, failure rate is high. There is higher chance to lose artificial joint in obese people. Basti is also effective in obese people. Specific type of Basti is selected for Obese patient of Osteoarthritis which affects both.
5 After Knee Replacement Surgery, there is always some restriction of movement is still remains like cross legged position, Squatting etc. It provides higher Range of motion compared to Knee Replacement Surgery.
6 After knee replacement surgery, certain medicines are prescribed like higher pain killers, Antibiotics, blood thinners etc. which damage your immune system. No side effect
7 If Osteoarthritis associated with Osteoporosis, Knee replacement will not success. Basti treatment treats both of condition together successfully.
8 If Osteoarthritis develop at early age (In 50s), Knee Replacement Surgery is useless. Its Durability is 10 to 15 years only. Root cause is found in early age osteoarthritis then treated. Basti treatment is repeated in future, if necessary. It’s non invasive, so nothing worry about it.
9 Cost: 2 to 2.5 lacs per knee Cost effective Depending upon selection of Basti and duration of Basti. May vary from 20000 to 50000 rs for both knee.
10 Knee replacement helps to only knee. ‘Basti’ therapy helps on entire health of the body. It increases longevity and overall health. It provides nutrition to each and every cells of the body.
11 It doesn’t stop or delays degeneration process of knee. It stops or delays degeneration process of knee. In some cases, Regeneration of Cartilage has been seen also.
12 After all, it’s artificial. It’s natural.

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