Osteoarthritis is a progressive disease. Once it starts, there is no way to stop degeneration of cartilage. We don’t say this; it is said by the most acceptable science of the world, Allopathy.  Ayurveda, Mother of all medical science of the world has the answer. Ayurveda has the potency to stop or slow down degenerative changes.

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We should remove causative factors which are responsible for disease.

Basti’ treatment provided at our clinic is very useful in treating Osteoarthritis. It helps to reverse degeneration in any system of the body as well as knee cartilage. We have got success in regenerating knee cartilage in some cases by Basti treatment.

Rasayana (Rejuvenating Therapy) Therapy mentioned in old Ayurveda classics is a gift to human kind by Ayurveda. It is indicated to reverse the ageing process and to live long healthy life. And yes, main thing is that no side-effects at all.

Allopathy science has the medicine to kill pain at some level but no medicine to stop degenerative changes in joints.