Osteoporosis means decrease in bone density or loss of Bone mass.

Similar Condition in Ayurveda is called “Asthi-Majja gata Vata” or “Asthi-Majja Kshaya”.

As per Ayurveda, Osteoporosis occurs when provoked Vayu enters into Asthi (bone) and causes Asthi kshaya (Loss of Bone mass).


  • Overuse of Diet which Provokes ‘Vata’.
  • Immobilization for a long time after any injury causes Bone loss.
  • Hyperthyrodism
  • Old Age
  • In Menopause due to lower levels of Estrogen
  • Malnutrition
  • Certain Allopathic Medicines cause Bone loss.


  • Joint Pain
  • Continuous pain which interferes the sleep
  • Gradual loss of height leading to stooped posture
  •  Sudden Fracture due to fragile bone


Predromal Signs:

  • The first signs to be aware of is cracking of nails and teeth, pains in the bones and changes in the hair such as brittle, dry, rough, hair loss etc. The period between the first signs and the actual disease symptoms could be several years.


Ayurveda Approach towards Osteoporosis

                        Once diagnosed, Osteoporosis can be treated with Ayurveda medicines and Panchkarma treatment that prevents further mineral loss and build bones naturally. This will substantially reduce the risk of fractures.

  • Asthiposhaka Rasayana (Herbs which increase Bone mass and works as natural calcium Supplements).
  • Abhyanga (massage) with medicated Oils.
  • Basti (Medicated Enema): Basti made with medicated (Calcium rich herbs) milk is highly effective in Osteoporosis. It provides nutrition to the bone and prevents further mineral loss in short period of time.

Prevent Osteoporosis

            Ageing is a natural process of the body, we can’t stop it. But sure we can slow down the process by maintaining our diet and lifestyle.

  • Use Cow Milk, Cow ghee, Honey, Amala (Indian gooseberry) etc. in your daily diet.
  • One teaspoon of Sesame Seeds (Tila) per day keeps you away from Osteoporosis. It contains large amount of Calcium.
  • Start Using Sesame Oil for cooking instead of other rubbish oils.
  • If you are doing regular Abhyanga (Full body massage with oil), you should not worry about Osteoporosis even in old age. Osteoporosis will stay far from you. Daily massage prevents Ageing Process.  After massage, sit under sunlight for 15 min in morning provides you Vitamin D which is needed for calcium absorption.
  • Strengthening and weight bearing exercises should be done on daily basis prevents Mineral loss.
  • Maintain your weight.
  • If you are doing hard rigorous exercise or Gym for Body building, you are on a high risk for calcium loss. You must take care described above instead of depending on Calcium supplements available in market.
  • Yoga, Meditation & pranayama